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Get essential insights and reliable signals to guide your investment decisions and navigate the volatile crypto market with confidence.

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  • Andre & Mr. B Trading Journals
  • Crypto Signals
  • Auto Trading
  • Premium Chat
  • Potential Trade Alerts
  • Reversal Notifications
  • Real-Time RSI & Market Alerts
  • DEX Alerts & Wallet Tracking

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What Our Members Say


Hi! I jouned just yesterday and just wanna say how impressed I am by the transparency of this channel. There are a ton of scam channels on Telegram with the sole purpose of getting or stealing money from the users. With disabled negative-connotation emojis and/or comments.
I wanna thank you for being that way and wish you all the best! ❤️

Simba Chikowore

For a free channel it's absolutely amazing and it's easier when you know your getting in on the same trades. Great transparency and very informative.


This channel is great and I thank you 🌹

M _M

I joined to this channel today Now i just analysis the posts and see a very prefect signal If you continue like this we will be thankful ❤️

A Lee

First of all a huge shoutout to the Whales creating this community by providing insanely valuable trade information for absolutely FREE! I don't think anyone out there could do this. Keep growing and keep up the amazing work! ❤️

Shehroz Khan

I can't believe this all thing is free. The founder of this group is doing a great job. Kudos to the team


Paid for my recent Lifetime membership in p this week. Thanks Andre and the crew here 🙏


My first day ever in this group and portfolio today’s Pnl 8.54% 🔥🔥 Thanks Andre!

Philipp Zachcial

Just want to say thank you to you all Guys! Really freakie group which makes massive Profits. Also a big thank you to andre!!

Adham Tarsha

im satsfying with 200% the 100 i pay for premum its the most valuble thing i ever done 😂😂😂

Ziad Mohamed

in fact I copy the steps of @andreoutberg step by step, I make money every day So simple

Rik van Loo

Upgraded to premium in January - honest assessment. I’ve been in this group an with Andre probably almost from day one. I remember the times we had less then 30 in here with 5 people online. I’m not a daytrader. I own several companies that take up most of my time. I’m very interested in and invested in crypto. I’ve been scammed, been wrecked, been rugpulled, lost big, won big. I followed others, which is a never a hardly ever good advice. I joined the premium group in January. Very low key. Watched. Learned. Asked questions. Didn’t trade a single for 6 weeks. Partially due to my schedule, mostly because of the realization I’m still a total newbie when it comes to crypto. Is it good? Is it worth it? Totally undoubtedly a big yes. Was it what I expected it to be? No. No. I expected a signal delivery service to accompany my full schedule with 9 companies and three kids. Dissapointed? At first maybe. But the service is better. Better then expected. We watch. We teach. We learn. How do you protect your portfolio. What types of trades are there. What’s safe trading. How to identify a good trade. It’s an open community where there isn’t ever a dumb question that can’t be asked. We help. I’m staying we, as there are 300 in the group, and it’s not on just Andre to come up with answers. You might get different views and different answers. It’s up to you to decide what suits your strategy. It’s your own responsibility. (Eventhough Andre still feels like crap when we occasionally have a bad trade. It happens to the best of us!) I’ve learned and evolved as a trader because of everybody in this group. If you want to be serviced with just signals, it’s not the place. If you want to learn and become a better trader because you understand why your doing what your doing it’s the best place and group you can be in. So that’s my two cents on Premium. Best choice I ever made.

Haidr Ali Booley

The free chat has seriously helped me go from 0 trading knowledge and a 10 dollar account to being able to make my own trades and having enough money to purchase the premium in just 2 months. There are so many great traders on the group that you are bound to learn something by just scrolling through the chat once a day. The active people are always willing to help and share advice should you need it. I've just bought the premium over the weekend, and im ready to aim high😄🚀 If you are weary, just join the free chat and lurk around for a couple of days. The practicality and most importantly integrity of CWP will be clear as day. Andre has built an excellent community, and if you aren't takiny part, you are seriously missing out!

Shuaib Rawat

It takes a brilliant person to do brilliant things... And even though I haven't been in the crypto game for a long time, this group is definitely the best I've come across... I've learned a lot from this group and the people in it, even if I haven't been vocal about it. So thank you for creating something awesome!!!


I'll be really honest, I started trading crypto like most out of curiosity and as a potential side hustle. Spent few months learning, had my fair share of failures and slowly became moderately profitable but still didn't understand so many things. My brother-in-law (a proper crypto bro) advised me to find communities of like minded traders and I stumbled upon CWP a few months ago. It really was a transformative experience. A community of wholesome human beings willing to provide knowledge, tips and share calls. @andreoutberg was invested in it and I liked the fact he's real and give genuine advice, not the typical boasty BS we usually find in this space. I'm in a very better financial position now and this community made my life way more easier.


I blew up two accounts before joining this group, almost made it back in 10 days. Trading is really knowing where to look and having the right minds around you. Just a minor shift in strategy and risk management made all the difference, i’m grateful.

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