Getting Started!

Using Our Channels


What Exchange To Use?


I personally use Bybit for all my trades which means some pairs will only be available here, making this my recommended choice to follow my trades.

Any exchange that supports futures trading is good, here are some others below:


What Autotrading Do You Support?

I have autotrading support with Cornix.

I currently have auto trading available on the following content:

  • Binance Killers VIP
  • FED Russian Insiders VIP
  • Bitcoin Bullets VIP
  • Alex Friedman VIP

I do not have any auto trading available on the trades in Andre Trading Journal and do not offer copy trading.

DEX / Shitcoin Trading

I use Shuriken for all my DEX / Shitcoin trades

Shuriken on Telegram
Shuriken on Web

Not sure how to use Shuriken? Here is a step by step guide

Where Can I See Your Results & Reviews?

I place every trade that I call and post my results daily / weekly / monthly.
You can see all them here –

I also have a rating of 4.78 / 5 on Whop with over 50 reviews


Portfolio Management

Portfolio management is about controlling your risk and optimizing your returns over time. Here are essential strategies to keep in mind:

Key Rule #1: The 2% Limit

  • Never risk more than 2% of your total portfolio on a single trade. This helps protect against any single trade causing devastating losses.
  • Example: If your portfolio is $10,000, your maximum risk per trade is $200.

Key Rule #2: DCA with Care

  • Dollar-Cost Averaging (DCA) is adding to your position gradually. It can lower your average cost.
  • But, maintain discipline: Never put more than 5% of your portfolio into a single coin, even with DCA.

Key Rule #3: Plan Your Exit

  • Before entering a trade, know where you’ll exit if it goes wrong (your stop-loss) and if it goes right (your take-profit). This prevents emotional decision-making in the heat of the moment.

Key Rule #4: Always Use Stop-Losses

  • A stop-loss automatically exits your trade at a predetermined price. This limits potential losses and protects your capital.

Crucial Reminder: Own Your Decisions

  • Never blindly follow any signals or advice. Always do your own analysis and research. Ultimately, you are responsible for your trading decisions.


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